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October 10, 2005



Nice Report and Photo's Angie. My biggest dilemma would be, where to start!

Beth - The Zen Foodist

I loved reading your report! It's definitely the next best thing to being there. Thanks for all of the detail and great photos. :)



It was tough. I finally did what I do at the market--made one loop around to check out everything, then circled back to the beginning and started at my favorite place.


Sorry you couldn't make it. I wish they had this every weekend--minus the $60 entrance fee, of course. This is my idea of a farmers' market, closer to what the Ferry Plaza Market in San Francisco is like.


Thanks for the photos and report. I think I'll "splurge" on this next year!



Yes, I would definitely encourage you to do so. It's a great way to support local farms and restaurants and to get to know the people making your food.

And I was happy to see your blog. It's great to have another food blogger here in San Diego.

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