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September 22, 2005



Hi Angie - I grew up eating what was the typical (for the area) Asian breakfast back home in Hawaii - but also had alot of Oatmeal with Applesauce - which my wife thinks is heinous! It seems that many of us have so little time for breakfast now days, be it a long commute, or like me, I just want that extra 15 minutes of sleep, that we've lost touch with actually making breakfast.


Hi Angie - You are bring me down childhood memory lane again. Don't know how you do it. But 3 time in a row that is too much for me. You need to supply me with tissue papers.

Millet porridge, in between porridges made from rice. My grandma sometimes make porridge out of millet. just pain water and millet, cooked for a long time. end result, a bowl of hot, golden, nutty tasting jook. very hearty in a winter morning.

Millet, country people food, but good for digestion - that is my motto.

Thanks again,




I hear what you are saying about the extra sleep. The slow-cooking hot cereals do take a bit of time--eating cold cereal is much faster. But since I have to get up anyway to get my kids ready for school, it's easy to throw on a pot of cereal while I am attending to other things, taking a shower, etc.


LOL--I like that motto. I like country people food, too.


I love finding new ideas for breakfast - have you ever had a look at Mollie Katzen's Sunlight Cafe? She has a lot of great, healthy ideas for breakfast, including hot cereals like this one. I've never had millet before, but will look forward to trying it soon!


Welcome, Luisa. I really like your blog (wednesdaychef.typepad.com).

No, I haven't seen Sunlight Cafe. I just have her Moosewood Cookbook and Still Life with Menu. But any cookbook devoted solely to breakfast is definitely worth checking out.


Ive never had millet, though I have had Indian flatbread made from millet flour- very tasty!


Hi Tanvi--

Thanks for stopping by. I like the millet flatbread, too. You should try making millet sometime--it's really easy and has a nicy, sweet flavor.

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