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October 17, 2005



Angie - That antipasto plate looks fab, I'm pretty sure that the Prosciutto here in the US pretty much pales in comparison to what you can get there.


Oooo I'm jealous, you certainly cannot look at an espresso in a US airport and say "Ahhh." Then again, what do I know? I like drinking cappuccino in the afternoon!
But I what I miss most about visiting Italy is what you alluded to: "...nothing compares to eating it here." Even if I could get really sweet and nutty parmigiano here, and even though I can make a pretty decent cappuccino, I am still unsatisfied. Somehow hearing the sing-song quality of the Italian language, knowing I can walk almost anytime to a bar for coffee and company, and even hearing the whine of a moped are all part of my food memories of Italy. It seems you cannot separate the food from its culture without impacting its flavor!


I am going to have to go with what Kristin said up there..."nothing compares to eating it here." Which is probably the number one reason why my husband would hesitate to move to Hawaii. The food!! How would we ever be able to get our fill of all that fabulous cured meats, wine, and cheese? The flight between the two destinations is a killer. Ugh, just thinking about... ach!

Have a great time while you're here!



I'm sure you can find some decent prosciutto in the U.S., it's just much more expensive and hard to come by, unlike here where it's in every shop and restaurant.


Hey, I like cappuccino in the afternoon, too. But you are right about experiencing the food in its context. I never drink coffee after a meal except when I am in Italy, because here all my friends do it and I like sharing that part of the meal with them.


Oh, and I thought the flight from California was long. That extra 5-6 hours would kill me.

I can understand why an Italian would not want to move away from his mother(land)'s cooking. Although I think the food in Hawaii might be worth a trip or two...


ciao Angie!

bel blog, molto interessanti i vari post. ci mettero' una settimana a leggere tutto. lo passo anche a mio padre che e' un appassionato di cucina come te.

un bacio



Jealous, jealous, oh so jealous!


I love the italian food. Here in Brazil we have many great italian restaurant.This prosciutto, coppa, parmigiano and salame looks delicious!


Ciao Franz!

Thanks for coming to visit my blog. Please correct all of my mistakes in Italian! And I would love to hear from your dad.


I wish I could bring you (and everyone I know) here. I would love to share this food with you for real, not just the photos.


Hi! You're my first visitor from Brazil. I have fond memories of visiting Rio many years ago.


Ha! your italian is better than my english, do not worry. I'll show this blog to my dad: he pretends to be a conoisseur...
quando gli ho mandato l'URL mi ha telefonato e mi ha chiesto: what's a blog?


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