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October 13, 2005



Aloha Angie,
Thank you for your comments on the blog, I am so glad to have found yours! Sunny San Diego, I know that I must have several friends and family living there.

Your photos are simply stunning! And I enjoyed reading the previous posts too. When I saw the mooncake, I just about wanted to sob because it reminds me of home in the islands and how long it's been since I've tasted a decent mooncake.

As for your comment about "my heart (and stomach) is still in Italy"... I'd feel the same way too if we ever moved away. Surely more so for my husband!



Thanks for stopping by. Check out Kirk's blog (mmm-yoso!!!). He's isn't Filipino, but he's from Hawaii, too, and lately has been visiting lots of Filipino markets and restaurants here in San Diego.

You couldn't find any mooncakes it Italy? I'm surprised because there are so many Chinese immigrants living in Italy now. Of course, that hasn't resulted in many decent Chinese restaurants there, so maybe it will take some time.

By the way, I had to laugh when I saw the photos of your pantry with the green curry paste next to the spaghetti and tomatoes--I have the same things side by side on my shelf!


Hi Angie - Thanks for the plug. BTW, when I first read this on Yahoo, I really cracked up; you see for years I've been kidding my Italian Food loving friends, telling them that in essense they've been eating "modified Chinese Food". And that noodles originated in China, and that old tomato sauce came from China story. Guess how much fun I'm having now! Have a great trip, I'm looking forward to the great stories and photo's!



The LA Times story had quotes from Ming Tsai and Martin Yan saying how proud they were. But I can't imagine the Italians taking this lying down. I bet someday they will "discover" some Etruscan pasta which predates this Chinese find.

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