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November 14, 2005



Yay Angie - Another post. Great writing and photo's as usual.



I had to laugh when I read your comment (Yay, another post). I, the world's slowest blogger, feel the same way when I finally get done writing each post!


Angie--I do believe you have made me salivate!



LOL--careful, that could be bad for your keyboard.


I love cappelletti! I will try this recipe from Marta Ferrari’s Ricette e Racconti Della Mia Reggio. Looks delicious!


Your blog is gorgeous! Thanks for posting a comment on mine!


Hi Sonia:

When did you have cappelletti? Did you visit Italy or do they have good Italian restaurants in Brazil?


Thanks for stopping by!


I'll have to hop on over and check out Sotto Broletto's if we're ever in the area. But definitely, if I can find an italian mamma or nonna from that area, I think I'll invite myself to dinner! ;-)


A family friend from Bologna makes cappelletti in brodo every year for a post-Christmas lunch we have together. I count myself lucky to be invited to her house on that day! Making them myself - hoo, that'd be a lot of work...



You are lucky. I used to buy them from the pasta shop when I was in Reggio. The shop, called Casalinga (which means housewife in Italian), was a tiny one room shop with a counter and a small kitchen in back. There was a table in the center with a giant mound of filling. The ladies who worked there stood all day stuffing and making cappelletti. Hard work for them, but so much fun to watch. I'll definitely take my camera next time and get some photos!

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