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November 20, 2005



Angie--Your posts are always so long and well-thought-out and well written.

I didn't even know about the festival--how did I miss that? I can understand all of your reservations. I find, more and more, that if something is an EVENT, that by the time we find somewhere to park and get our bearings, I'll be clenching my teeth and snapping at the kiddo. Am I getting old? Often, too, events = crappy plastic souvenirs and crappier food. Not the event you're writing about, obviously, but in general...

I'm fascinated with the local oils you liked. I need to learn more about olive oil and find one I really like. Did they announce an overall winner based on all tasters' votes?


Hi Angie - You're pictures really captured what a beautiful day it was! Man you do go for the best ingredients - do I smell a bunch of cooking posts in your future???


Angie you have gotten my interest with mention of "Fallbrook avocado festival". Avocado is my favorite food!! Thanks for the link. I will certainly look it up and do a little research.



Parking was a bit of a problem. (But the long walk back to the car probably sobered up a few people.) I didn't bring the kids--they usually stay home with dad when I go to these events. Everyone is happier that way!


Cook, who has time to cook? I'm too busy shopping for ingredients. ;-)

Seriously, that is the cornerstone of much of my cooking. Buy good ingredients and then prepare them very simply--fresh roasted vegetables with good olive oil, homemade vanilla ice cream with balsamic vinegar drizzled on top, fresh hand-made pasta with parmigiano, etc.

But looking back, you are right, it has been a while since I wrote a cooking post, so I will get busy!

Hi Nancy:

I actually haven't been to the avocado festival yet. Ever year I vow to go, because I love avocados, too. Maybe 2006 will be the year.


Hey Angie, not to be left out of the "avacado lovers annon." I especially love it with lemon, guacamole anyone? My sister was diving into avacadoes when she was only 18 months old! Perhaps a sisters trip should be planned for next spring's festival?


tomato, tomahto, avacado, oops, avocado!!


Hey Carol:

Come on out! The next Fallbrook Festival takes place April 23, 2006.


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