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November 27, 2005



Hi Angie - Great writing and photo's as usual. We used to do some shopping in Old Town Temecula when we first moved to San Diego - good thing we had a rather small vehicle and couldn't fit too many large furniture items in the back.


Angie--For once, it pays to be in north county...I'm much closer to Temecula! Thanks for the wonderful write-up. I think I need to take a trip north. As much as I like Target, I do dream of a world with more mom & pop shops and people plying artisanal trades that would otherwise be lost to the mega-lo-mart, "made in china" world, and I try to support smaller producers when I find one I like. Heretofore, I haven't been a big fan of olive oil, but I suspect that's from my own ignorance more than the product. I bet someone at Temecula Olive Oil Co. could help educate me...


That's the fun part about going there--you get to taste everything and invariably find something you like (and dislike). The owners behind the bar are very helpful, not only talking about how the oil is made, but also giving recipe and serving suggestions.

Just curious--what is it about olive oil you don't like--too strong/heavy?


Hmmm...just never thought it tasted GOOD. But I don't mind it in cooked dishes. By itself, though, could never see the attraction. Perhaps I just haven't found my type yet.


I know, I always feel funny drinking olive oil--I wouldn't eat a pat of butter by itself--but it is the best way to compare oils. And it does taste good drizzled on bruschetta or pasta.

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