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December 31, 2005



Hi Angie - I think many of us "dream" of going to Tsukiji - I'm glad that your visit was more then a dream.....

Now you need to have some "live" Uni - San Diego has some of the best in the World - You'll need to wait until calm weather though!

Happy New Year!


Ok, Angie - I've had just about ENOUGH of you and your amazingly intricate descriptions of all the incredible food you ate in Japan. I can't take it any more! Jealousy has taken over! :)



Yes, I heard that San Diego exports most of its uni to Japan. Funny that I had to go all the way there to try it. Where's the best place to get it in San Diego?


LOL. Ok, ok, no more Tokyo posts, I promise. But do check out the video footage of the tuna auction (link in left column).


Hi Angie, I just saw a similar fish auction on tv the other night. What a great experience to see it live! I'm going to go to sleep tonight and dream of sushi! Happy New Year, btw!


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