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December 14, 2005



Hi Angie - Sounds like you'll have a whole new standard for ramen when you return to San Diego.


Oh I'm so glad you're keeping your blog up while you're in Japan! I was hoping you would. My husband spent a few weeks in Japan in college, before I knew him, I'll have to ask him he ever had real ramen noodles! Have a great time!



Yes, it's a definite improvement over the instant variety. I liked them back then, but my tastes have changed--I find them much too salty now and the noodles too mushy. I wish I could stay in Tokyo for a few more weeks just eating and comparing all the different types of ramen.

Thanks--I'm glad I can post here, too. Free internet access at the hotel! Otherwise I would have a huge backlog and would never end up posting any of it (as on my recent trip to Italy). I always say, write while the ramen is hot!

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