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December 11, 2005



Great work Tamara, I see that the talent for excellent writing runs in the Family! I'm looking forward to a report from Tsukiji!


Oh this drink is right up my alley! Tell your daughter thank-you, I will be making this soon, very soon.

Have fun in Tokyo!


Yummy! By coincidence my kids and I recently decided to try a horchata recipe in Rebecca Wood's The Splendid Grain. There are several key differences, notably the proportion of rice to almonds, the addition of vanilla, and the use of sucanat, light brown sugar or honey in place of the granulated sugar. I guess I'll have to test both recipes side by side and let you know how they compare!


Great job, Tamara!

Can you tell me what canella is?

I have had horchata at Mama Testa (which I love) as well. Actually, I think that's the only time I've had it. I plan to go to the Mexican market "El Tigre" in Escondido next week, and I'm going to check to see what kinds of drinks they have. Anything with almonds in it interests me!


Kirk and Darla:

Thanks, I'm having a great time and as soon as I get some sleep, I'll post again. The food here is amazing--a sensory overload.


I'm sure there are thousands of different variations on this recipe. I was surprised there wasn't any milk in it--I always thought horchata was made with milk. It would be fun to make several different recipes and compare them.


Canella is cinnamon. I love almonds, too, and they make for a very rich drink.

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