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December 17, 2005



Hi Angie - Wow, talk about a great breakfast! Maguro Yamakake(tuna with grated Yamaimo) is one of a favorite dishes, it's quite a show at Izakaya's and sushi bars here back home, the Itamae will place the maguro(usually with a bit of shoyu), in a bowl ,and mix, then grab the mountain yam, raise it in the air and grate it over the bowl. My Grandparents usually had Miso Soup, Dried Fish, Watercress, and other similar items for a weekend breakfast - so your breakfast brings back fond memories of them! Thanks for the wonderful post!



Thanks for the name (yamaimo). I'd love to try it at Izakaya's when I return.

I also encountered yamaimo again yesterday when we went for okonomiyaki--will post that entry soon.

Did your grandparents live in Hawaii, too?


Loving your posts from Japan - a place I very much want to visit. Everything sounds delicious and your writing is lovely!


Enough with the Japanese food posts! You're making me so jealous I can hardly handle it!

I wasn't food blogging when I went to Japan earlier this year, so it's great to see your detailed meal reports.

Ugh! I am so jealous!


Hi Angie,
I wish to you and your family a nice, peaceful and Merry Christmas.

I will return soon to read your great reportage.


Hi Angie--Glad you're enjoying your trip! Can't believe you're organized enough to blog on the road.

So here's a question...what would a person eat in Japan who doesn't eat seafood?

I'm going to sign off for a week or so to enjoy a quiet holiday. Peace to you and yours.



Thanks for the compliment. And I would definitely encourage you to visit Japan--it's a beautiful place with great food and nice people.


Just wait, there are more Japanese food posts to come!

Hi, Sonia. Merry Christmas to you, too! You should post about Christmas in Brazil--I would love to see that.


Good question. But the fish is so good here it would be a shame to miss it.

I don't know that much about Japanese cuisine, but from what I could see there were plenty of dishes available for vegetarians: tofu, noodles, miso, vegetables, etc.

Enjoy your holiday with your family!


Wow that is an impressive breakfast. I have never been to Japan, but at least I am not all together out of the loop on what to eat at 8 am when I get the chance to go. :) lovely pictures too.

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