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  • "God keep me from what they call households."

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    sag deinen Spruch.

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June 03, 2006



Hi Angie - Welcome back, we missed you!


Thanks, Kirk. It's good to be back!


Glad you're back! Great post, btw. I completely agree that we need to make sure that the chains don't take over or there will be no "real" food left.

Looking forward to reading your future posts!

Alice Q.

Hi Angie! - I just checked your blog again (love the title) and it's good to see you are back from hibernation. I just started my own SD Food blog, and it sounds like we have a lot in common. I look forward to reading more!


Hi Angie, I am glad you are back to blogsphere! I missed you!
Yes, your blog is truly necessary! I care about you and about your experiences. Believe me, your blog is great! Looking forward to reading your next posts!
Have a nice week!


neat! It took a blog friend from Brazil to point out a blog that is in my back yard! (San Diego!) I'm a non-native to CA and have been here only 3 years...and I'm 'feeling' what your saying. This is very interesting about the 'mustard'..perception is everything and here I am taking pictures of it thinking it's a spring-early summer flower! {tourist!} HA...thanks for educating me! I'll be back!


Hooray - Angie's back! You were definitely missed!


Glad to see you are back! Get eatin'!


Yay! Welcome back! Can't wait to see what you're eating and cooking and exploring in the coming months.


Wow, thanks, guys. It's great to "see" all of you again. I'm pouring each of you a virtual glass of champagne and giving a toast to all my fellow foodies in San Diego (and Brazil). Salute!

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