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June 03, 2006


Alice Q.

Thanks for the link! :-) I just discovered that "Con Pane" bakery on your side bar - I think I may have heard of it but I haven't been. I will have to try it soon!

Pat B.

How right you are. One strip mall, main strip food street, looks the same in every major city. Even Topeka, not really a metropolitan city by any means, has the same chain restaurants food anywhere. What's even sadder is that the people living here are so excited that such and such a chain is coming and won't it be great? Actually no it won't because it will taste like every other chain. They will continue to ignore the locally owned business which have so much to offer until they no longer exist. Give me the old fashion community restuarant who knows you when you walk in and knows your like and dislikes and are willing to change the recipe to fit you if needed. I think its blogs like yours that keep us on the right track about what's important in life, not only the restuarant buisness.

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