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June 23, 2006


Alice Q.

I'd love to go, but unfortunately I'll be trapped in LA that day for work. Boo hoo for me. I am also a slow foodie (hey, maybe that's what I should have named my blog!) and I'd like to become more active with the local chapter. I see there's an event at the end of August - maybe I'll try to go to that. Have a great time!


I'm also a huge supporter of the Slow Food & Heritage USA movements. I first became involved in San Francisco and it has truly and completely changed my life in so many ways that go far beyond food. I'm so happy you've returned to blogging, I feel such a connection when I read your posts. Also wanted to thank you for the long ago recommendation to Surati Farsan - its become one of our favorite (near weekly) eateries!


I was hopeful to get to the event but I got caught up at work. Did you attend? How was it?


Wish I had seen this post earlier! Sounds like fun!

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