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January 28, 2007



Mmmmm I still can smell that Stumptown coffee! Isn't Portland a great city? So how much did you end up spending at Powell's???


Hey Kirk--

It was hard, but I only bought a couple. Given the small size of my suitcase, I decided it would make more sense to buy the books online and have them shipped to me. So I just wandered through the shelves and made a long wish list.

Alice Q. Foodie

I really want to go there sometime - we have friends there and I hear great things about the food and the atmosphere, and I like the rain! That's so funny that you spotted me at Lefty's - it was really good pizza!



We San Diego food bloggers are bound to run into each other sometime.

(I was waiting at Lefty's for an order to go when I heard them call out the name "Alice." I saw a blonde woman pick up a pizza and leave. I thought it looked like the photo on Alice's blog (http://www.aliceqfoodie.blogspot.com/), but since we've never met, I didn't want to take the chance of accosting some poor stranger who would think I was some kind of crazy foodie...)

Every time I go to Ba Ren I look around, expecting to see Kirk.

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