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October 24, 2007



It's terrible!
I send you an email few minutes ago, then i thought about your blog…
i hope that comes back the rain!


Oh, my dear, you have been on my mind.

I talked to Nikki (Monique Feil), the photographer who came to the dinners with me at La Milpa last October. I thought she'd moved to Hawaii, and called to ask if her family in SD was okay. "Tana, everything is on fire. The sky is purple and orange, and my car is covered in ash."

I know four farmers there, of hundreds, whose land is imperiled. I pray for all of your safety, and beyond that I don't know what to say. Pretty shitty urban planning, huh? I think San Diego (not to single anyone out, it's all of California) has some exemplary greed and sheer ignorance in plotting out developments.

But God knows I love your farms. 92% family owned? Heaven.

Bless you, honey. I don't know how to help except with my words. My actual money donations will continue to go to the abandoned New Orleans, and I bet you understand. The McMansions can cover themselves.

X O X from your neighbor up north.

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