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February 20, 2008



What a sweet post. Happy birthday to your daddy.


Thanks, Tana.

It was great seeing you, however briefly, at Eco-Farm. You ditched me as soon as a cute baby came into sight. I understand completely, of course. Can't compete with that!

Hope all is well with you (and Logan)--keep posting!

carol rauscher

Happy Birthday Uncle Maurie! i miss him so much! his smile, his welcoming hug, his big laugh, his huge heart. i'm so sad he's gone, but so very thankful we had him in our lives for a brief time.

Alice Q. Foodie

Very nice post Angie - and those biscuits look great. What a great way to remember your dad!


Thanks, Carol and Alice.

I must confess I have changed his recipe over the years. I use butter now instead of shortening and I have adjusted the leavening a bit. But I know he would approve. When it came to cooking, he was an inveterate experimenter. And he loved butter, too!


I can just smell those biscuits... Happy Birthday


Wow, what a surprise to see Dad's handwriting and the biscuit recipe nonetheless! But I swear I remember him adding salt to his biscuits, how he would open the blue Mortons salt canister and pour out about a quarter teaspoon. I have a distinct memory of the way the salt crystals looked in his large, strong hands. Sitting on the counter-top "helping" sift the flour and adding ingredients to the white and blue Pyrex bowl is one of my fondest childhood memories. I admit that I too have altered the recipe but I think I'll go out and get some shortening and give the recipe another try! Thanks for the post!

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