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February 07, 2008


Alice Q. Foodie

Angie!!! You're back! Yaay!

Alice Q. Foodie

I can't believe you've been posting since October and I didn't know it - I will put you back on my blogroll. Let's get together sometime!


Hey Alice.

Yes, I'm back!

Thanks for putting me back on your blogroll. http://aliceqfoodie.blogspot.com/

Sorry I missed the Chowdown at the Imperial Farmers' Market. But I would love to get together with you soon.

Alice Q. Foodie

Do me a favor and shoot me an email would you? alice dot q at cox dot net. The last couple of times I sent you emails I don't think they went through.


Your photo of the mystery stained book reminded me of the following website. It's a slideshow on Flicker of a recipe card selection from way back in the day of recipe cards. I love the personality the stains, crumpled edges and blurred ink give the cards. Each one tells a story of not just the recipe but of the happenings of a long forgotten kitchen. You can't get that online, no sir! Oh wait, I did get it online...http://www.flickr.com/photos/phil_g/sets/412209/show/


What a great link--he has scanned all of the cards in his mom's recipe collection. I love them--the handwriting, the misspellings, the stains, the names of the people and the dishes.

One thing that caught my eye on several cards was the ingredient "spry." What is that? Seems to be a type of fat.

Sure enough, a search revealed Spry to be a type of shortening, introduced in 1936 as a cometitor to Crisco.



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